Offering Quality Haircuts Along   With Detailed Service & Cold Beer 


Established in 2015.

In a trendy spot in Nobby Beach, Old Sport have set up a one-of-a-kind Barbershop.

A place were you can get a quality haircut and have a beer while waiting 

Run by the most professional hairdresser in Gold coast - Sasi Kredi -

The shop was designed to specification and equipped with state-of-the-art tools and appliances.

Old Sport have spared no expense to conjure an atmosphere of comfort, style and creativity.

With years of acclaimed experience Old Sport are still tirelessly learning and training, to stay up-to-date with the latest global trends and to ensure that their service is unlike anything else.

 Sit & Sip at the Bar 

 Cold Craft Local Beer 



Signature Haircut with Sas


Beard Design 


Haircut with Sas & Beard


Clipper Cut 


Skin Fade 


Head Shave 


Face Shave


Kids Haircut ( 0-12)


Scissors / Long Haircut


Hair Wash



The Master


Since the age of 15, Sasi has been working for some of the leading hair salons in Israel ,

after migrating to Australia Sas was training and working at Toni&Guy in Sydney eastern suburbs.


In 2005-2016 owner of Sas&Lou hairdressing ,one of the most successful salon in Darlinghurst .

Throughout the years, Sasi has gained deep knowledge of Urban Street Culture, which is the inspiring force behind his creative style.

Ever expanding his skills as hairstylist and barber Sasi is a versatile hairstylist and a certified Master of Cutting and Coulor.


2014 setting up Old Sport Barbershop on Victoria st  Darlinghurst ,

2015 setting up Old Sport Barbershop on gold coast highway Nobby Beach ,

Since founding Old Sport , more and more people in Gold Coast are drawn to his talent, his charm and his unique style.

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